• Interior, main seating area, wall decorations
  • Half dozen oysters, ginger lime and ponzu
  • Salmon on the ice, caviar with red papers
  • Sashimi Rolls
  • Shrimp rolls with avocado, lemon, cucumber and cabbage

Shimogamo, authentic Japanese cuisine.

About us

The family behind Shimogamo moved to Arizona in 1994 from Japan, and they immediately noticed that their neighborhood lacked restaurants where they were able to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. In 2003, Sanae and Yoshio Otomo finally decided to open a restaurant in Chandler to serve their native food, with high respect to the origin and quality of the culinary culture of their home country.

Shimogamo features a sushi bar, dining area, and cocktail bar. Our sushi menu is filled with engaging, creative items, fine-tuned for those who are looking for a unique experience in Japanese dining. Our forté is not just sushi, but also the kitchen menu that focuses on delivering real Japanese flavors crafted by Chef Daisuke with his extensive knowledge and skills in treating authentic ingredients. From fresh market fish to premium Japanese Wagyu beef, chefs at Shimogamo are dedicated to treating ingredients to their fullest and delivering flavors that dazzle guests' palates every time they come in.

After 19 years since its establishment, Shimogamo is still a local favorite for authentic Japanese food and sushi in Chandler.


Daisuke Itagaki, Executive chef

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, chef Daisuke Itagaki developed a passion for quality ingredients and cooking early on, which led him to the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan. Upon graduating in 2001 with a specialization in French and Italian cuisine, Daisuke moved to Tokyo where he spent 7 years at Milial Resort Hotels, refining fine dining techniques of French and Italian cuisine.

With the purpose of expanding his culinary expertise, he traveled to the United States and that's when he found his love for culinary scenes in the dynamic and diverse culture. Upon returning to Japan, he was appointed to be the Executive Chef at an American-themed fine dining restaurant in Shiodome, Tokyo. When Alexander's Steakhouse of California opened its Tokyo location in 2016, Daisuke was appointed as the Chef de Cuisine to help develop and deliver a menu that will reflect the essence of a Californian steakhouse with abundant fresh market ingredients from Japan. In 2018, Prime42, a steakhouse featuring Greater Omaha products of Nebraska Farms opened in Tokyo, and Daisuke took the role of the Executive Chef.

In 2019, Daisuke decided to move to the U.S. with his wife, Mika, the current owner of Shimogamo and a daughter of the founders, and join the role of ownership management and executive chef of the restaurant. While he manages back-of-the-house operations as well as menu and team development, he also hosts special tasting courses that continue to be sold out within hours after being announced. With his extensive background in western cuisine and knowledge of Japanese ingredients and cooking methods, he is dedicated to creating his own genre in the culinary world and presenting unique dishes that are found nowhere.